The movie (author - Valeriy Berchun) shows the leading role of motion in the life of a human, and, especially, a child, basing on the large historical, scientific and practical experience. The movie discloses the negative effect of the "immobility" of the modern human, especially, of the children at home, kindergarten and school, and their balanced development. Leading Russian scientists and doctors, cosmonauts, animal trainers and other interesting people were involved in the movie. Doctors' and scientists' opinion is unanimous: motion -- is life, breach of this universal law of the world is the main reason of the global trend for "juvenation" and increase of illnesses, especially, of those of neuropsychic, cardiovascular, breathing, bone and muscle and reproductive systems. And these pathologies have their grounds in the childhood and are caused by the environment of educational institutions. The movie shows Russian effective pedagogic methods intended to prevent children's illnesses and to promote harmonious development of students in the educational system.